Fear of the new year

The arrival of a new year brings pressure to many of us. January is upon us and here comes the usual thoughts start: what didn’t I like about last year? What can I do different this year? How can I become a better me? What can I do to help others? How can I be a better parent or partner? For some, there is no need for any new years resolutions, some are happy and content with every aspect of their life. For others, the doom of realising you’re not who you want to be or not doing what you want to do can be grim.

I welcomed the new year feeling positive, I had no new years resolutions – of course I have plans of some sort for the year ahead, but I didn’t want any official resolutions just let myself down when I don’t fulfil them. I had a very difficult 2016, as I imagine many others did too, so I want to go easy on myself this year. I want to get back to good health and come out of 2017 in a better position than I was entering it – is that a resolution? I hope not!

People have already managed to question me on what my new years resolutions are, and after explaining I simply have none, out came the suggestions! Yes I am fully aware I should be eating more healthily, a lot less junk and less of my nemesis (chocolate) but to have it in black and white to banish these foods and put myself under pressure to stick to this? No thank you. I don’t want to start the year off setting myself up for a fail! Chocolate is definitely my downfall.

I admire those who have the positivity to make a list and try to, if not actually, stick to it. Very good for you. But what about the rest of us? Those who don’t see a point of devising a list at all, it’s not like we could stick to it! I wish I wasn’t so negative, but I know I haven’t got it in me to make the changes I want to make, because I always give up on myself.

Yesterday was officially ‘day one’. I spent around two hours in the kitchen cooking chicken breasts, making a huge pot of sweet potato mash and a huge batch of 5% fat chilli along with a few portions of food for everyone else (so they don’t steal mine!) This was my first ever ‘food prep’ which will hopefully last me the next 4 or so days. My plan is to food prep and to not eat outside of my set meals, surely I can at least stick to that, can’t I? I’ve also gone back to my classes after a long break. It’s a mixture of HIIT and boxing with a bit of kettlebell and TRX thrown in there too. Hopefully with a combination of the two I will get my strength back and lose enough body fat to fit back into my ‘regular’ clothes again! Did I just admit to a resolution?

I guess there’s no need to be afraid of setting goals for yourself for the year ahead in fear you won’t meet them. Enjoy life as you live it and deal with each day as it comes. Perhaps I’ll apply a more positive approach to life and remember what I’ve already achieved, even if I’m not able to surpass myself this year – there’s always next year!




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